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Laura A. Bianchi, Esq.

Founding Partner, Bianchi & Brandt
About Laura

A Note from Laura

As a founding partner of Bianchi & Brandt in Scottsdale, Arizona, I was one of the first business and corporate transaction attorneys in the country to focus on the cannabis and hemp industries. But that’s just part of my story. I am also a practitioner of mixed martial arts, a longtime yogi, and an outspoken animal rights advocate. I have never wanted to be ordinary, never wanted to be predictable, never wanted to be defined by other people’s expectations. I bring passion, commitment, and discipline to everything I do, whether that’s working on behalf of my clients, training in the gym, or doing what I can to improve the world we live in. Whatever it is I’m working on, I aim to conquer. And whatever I do, I do it well.

It’s why I love working in the cannabis industry. It is uncharted territory. There is no rule book, no precedent, no such thing as business as usual. We are paving a path forward and shaping the future of a plant that offers incredible health and wellness benefits that have too long been ignored. This work isn’t easy and it’s not for the faint of heart. But that’s what makes it so fun.

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About Laura Bianchi

There’s a reason Laura Bianchi’s gym family at the mixed martial arts facility where she trains call her “Jefa,” or “the boss.”  With everything she does, whether it’s training in the gym, scrapping in the octagon, working on behalf of her cannabis clients, or weighing in on major cannabis industry developments, there’s never any doubt Laura Bianchi is calling the shots.

After making a name for herself as a corporate transactions attorney, Laura became one of the first business/corporate transaction attorneys in the country to specialize in the nascent legal cannabis market in 2010.  As a founding partner at Bianchi & Brandt, she’s garnered a reputation in the field that reaches far beyond Arizona, thanks to her distinctive mix of boundless energy, formidable insight, and no-nonsense attitude. As comfortable with corporate boardrooms and financial negotiations as she is in grow facilities and rule making sessions at the state legislature, she offers broad expertise in all aspects of the marijuana business life cycle. From the rock-solid contracts she crafts to the deep relationships she’s developed with state regulators, she’s the lawyer cannabis entrepreneurs in Arizona and beyond turn to when they need results.

Laura's tenacious, uncompromising approach extends to her advocacy for the development of a professional and responsible cannabis industry.  She served as co-chair of the Phoenix chapter of the Women Grow, a national organization dedicated to empowering women leaders in the cannabis industry, and she’s an active member of

Laura Bianchi cannabis lawyer

the National Cannabis Industry Association, California Cannabis Industry Association and the International Cannabis Bar Association. As a sought-after authority on the country’s evolving marijuana industry, she’s been featured in numerous television, radio, newspaper, and magazine outlets as well as spoken at major conferences nationwide.

Prior to her law career, Laura's adventurous spirit led her to travel the world, help sail a 55-foot catamaran off the coast of Maui, learn to scuba dive, and become a skilled yogi. Now she spends her off hours sparring with MMA pros. When you’re the “Jefa,” what qualifies as downtime is never ordinary.

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