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Cannabis Industry Leaders React to Jeff Sessions Rescinding the Cole Memo

“We have always known Jeff Sessions is anti-marijuana and while it is certainly alarming to see him take this position, I see it as having little to no impact at this stage. The 2013 Cole memo provided guidance; however, as I have consistently reminded clients, it is not law, it is not an order and it is not precedent. So while certainly something to keep an eye on, I do not think this is cause for panic. With 29 states and Washington DC having implemented some form of a medical marijuana program, to undo this industry would be like closing Pandora’s Box once it’s been opened. It would be a Herculean effort that would undermine another Republican cornerstone, which is the importance of states’ rights. I advise clients continue to focus on operating their businesses in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations and try to ignore the chaotic, political, and shock-motivated headlines which have unfortunately become the norm.”

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