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Lawyer Up: Where Is the Starbucks of Cannabis?

I think there's a happy-medium. I certainly support local business owners and I have many clients who are much larger-scale corporate operators. More important than size is product consistency, testing, accountability, and accuracy. I want consumers to be able to walk into a dispensary in Maine and know that the infused chocolate bar on the shelf has the same quality and consistency as that same chocolate bar in Arizona or Oregon. That sort of product reliability will most likely increase as cannabis companies begin to develop and establish local and then nationally-recognized brands and products. And in many ways, that dependability will assist in instilling greater consumer confidence — the sort of confidence that will encourage people to buy the same well-recognized quality cannabis products again and again, but it will also inspire them to design, develop ,and create craft alternatives produced by small-scale cannabis farmers. In a mature, robust cannabis market, there should be enough business for everyone.

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