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Lawyer Up: Why Is It So Hard to Promote Cannabis Online (and Everywhere Else)?

So when it comes to promotions and advertising, we have to play by the rules. It's why the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, the industry's first self-regulatory organization, recently published proposed national cannabis advertising rules that are considerably more restrictive than anything other regulated industries such as alcohol or tobacco have ever floated.

But that doesn't mean you can't figure out ways to promote your cannabis-related services or ideas without breaking those rules.

For starters, steer clear of posting images or videos of people consuming cannabis, even if it's in states where doing so is legal. And remember, not everything in cannabis has to be neon green and incorporate "420" or "THC." After that, it's simply about being creative. Ask yourself, "What is it about my business or viewpoint that is cool and unique?" Then build a digital marketing plan that highlights those elements, one that isn't based on the sale and consumption of cannabis.

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